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Mr. Joseph is a handcrafted teddy bear of German Mohair. His little overalls were created from a pair of jeans!

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Just what is an Angel Legacy Bear? Prayer Bear? Legacy Bear? Anderson Bear? You can customize your own memory bear! Learn more on our "About Us" Page! 

Leo just wanted to be a lion! So, he's got a costume to pretend! He's fully jointed and created with "memoreyes" from Haworth Cottage! His fur is German Mohair and he is just as mischievous as ever! Do you have a special design in mind?

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Click on your memory bear type in the shop and pay for it there too!

Meet the Chip Ritter Bipolar Bear! He is a licensed polar teddy from the magical Chip Ritter and the Bipolar Bears band, created with the purpose of advancing knowledge about the bipolar condition! Fully jointed, soft sherpa and sunglasses! How could you go wrong? A portion of these proceeds to back to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance! Get your special, fuzzy bipolar bear today!

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After your purchase, we will be in contact with you to discuss your options  and work with you to create the perfect memory bear! If you purchased a pre-created bear or product, it will be in the mail right away!