A Short Explanation

All Anderson Bears are One of a Kind! The pictures you see here of Legacy, Prayer or  Angel Legacy Bears  are examples of the various bears that have been made in the different categories. Here is a description of each type of bear!

Legacy Bear- Legacy Bears are handcrafted with your choice of fur and dressed using your loved ones clothing! What a special way to always keep your loved one close to you and give a hug or talk to any time! 

Angel Legacy Bear- These are bears handcrafted with your choice of fur but are intended to help families who have experienced a baby born sleeping. These bears are weighted to the baby that was lost. These bears can also be a special way to always remember your child as a newborn! Wouldn't you love to remember what it was like to hold your newborn baby, even when they are full grown adults? Wouldn't it be a special gift to give to them when they have their own child one day? 

Anderson Bear- These handcrafted bears are made to your liking, meaning you choose the fur and a theme! Although you will find some here that are pre-made for sale, ready to go! 

Prayer Bear- These special bears are one of a kind bears, made with the fur of your choice and are made using the colors of an awareness ribbon such as pink for cancer! Usually, the colors are depicted on the paws and/or ears! This is a special way to support someone you love while they are going through a trial in their life and a warm way for them to feel your support during this time. 

Anderson Bear Collectibles- These are bears that are made with super special materials such as mohair, alpaca or viscose. Don't miss out on these! They are unique! 


Our Anderson Bears Family!

Cathy with Cam!

Teddy are, Legacy Bear, Anderson Bear, love, family, handcrafted, handmade, custom

Cam was the very first Legacy Bear made! We love him! 

Stephanie with Mr. Theodore!


Mr. Theodore is beaming with his owner, Stephanie! 

Les with Mr. Cadmar


Cadmar is a Prayer Bear, adorned with the colors representing oropharyngeal cancer, created to comfort and help heal his dad! 

Heather with Ms. Paityn


Ms. Paityn was created using he colors representing thyroid cancer to help love on her mom! 

Audrey and Burton with Ms. Jane!


Ms. Jane is another legacy Bear! Anderson Bears is a family affair!

Al and Kay with Ms. Beulah May


Al and Kay are mom and dad to beautiful Beulah May! She’s adorned with a beautiful red velvet and fur lined cape! Adorable!

Legacy Bears are the Best

In this video, you will see Juliana receiving her Legacy Bear from her mother, who gained her wings in November 2016. The bear is clothed with her mom's gown and also has her voice saying her prayers! Contact us if you would like us to create one for you!