Our Products

Legacy Bears

Our Legacy Bears offer a special kind of Bearapy! Our products are handcrafted with love and prayer. They are created using the best quality fur, typically mohair or alpaca, but the choice is YOURS! The teddy bears arms, legs and head all move! They are dressed with your loved one's clothing, or created from your loved one's clothing. Within the Legacy Bear line is a special line called the Angel Legacy Bear. This bear is made to approximately 21' and is the same weight as a newborn baby!  This has been especially helpful for families who have lost a baby to SIDS or a stillbirth. The hope is that the bear will help individuals remember and work through grief of having lost someone they love.  We have also begun a Living Legacy line! This line is created to have characteristics of someone you love who is still here with you! Such as our Carl Memmell bear! This bear was created in his likeness from when he was in the service during WWII! Do you have someone  you would like to be emulated in a bear? For every bear sold, we will donate a Legacy Bear to our charity program called Living Legacy! A Legacy Bear will go to a senior citizen for comfort and care! Contact us today! 

Prayer Bears

Our Prayer Bears are special! These are bears which are created using the color of an awareness ribbon, such as cancer! These bears paws and ears reflect the color, or an outfit may have the color/s in them! They are created specific for the individual using high quality fur, chosen by you! The bears arms, legs and head are all jointed, meaning they can move about freely! This is a special Bearapy to help someone who may be living with or working through a condition. 

Anderson Bears

Our Bearpy comes in all shapes and sizes! These are bears that are handcrafted, using the best mohair or alpaca furs. The bears all are jointed and weighted. These bears are "pre-created" and are ready to be bought straight from the site! They are just some fun creations that we come up with and want to share! So...take a look around! Maybe you'll find your own special Anderson Bear waiting for you!