Welcome to Anderson Bears! Handcrafted teddy bears for special people.

 Legacy Bears, Prayer Bears and Anderson Bears are great for birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas... for all occasions!

Legacy Bears Give Love

This video shows Adriana and Floriana receiving a Legacy Bear created from their mother's dress and has a recording of their mother saying her prayers! Would you like one? 

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About Us

Humble Beginnings

Anderson Bears is a special business born out of love for family! Jodi Anderson founded Anderson bears after learning how to make them as gifts for her family during christmas time!

Legacy Bears

Legacy Bears are handcrafted using your loved ones clothing to create outfits for your bear! What a special way to create a memory that lives on. 

Giving Back

A portion of each bear sold goes to our own Legacy Love program, creating Legacy Bears for elderly in care homes. To help overcome depression, anxieties or loneliness.

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We look forward to hearing what your imagination and heart desires!

Anderson Bears

West End, NC, USA